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Welcome to K-Drama 101!

This is meant to be a guide for beginners of K-drama to hopefully give you some ideas on where to start in the massive K-drama world!

Today's theme is:

School/Family Dramas!

Korean dramas actually provide really awesome commentary on social issues in Korea (and the rest of the world) and are some of the most powerful dramas out there.

Drama Beginners: Check out the best selection of family and school dramas in the comment section :D

Drama Gurus: Leave your recommendations in the comment section woo woo!

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switch girl little mom scandal monstar high school love on
2 years agoReply
These are repeats but ones I liked. Sassy Go Go (Cheer Up) Dream High 1 Reply 1997 Angry Mom Heartstrings
2 years agoReply
Reply 1998 and 1997, sassy go go, boys over flowers (lol), Playful kiss, Pinocchio are my fav school dramas
2 years agoReply
@chongx I was about to say Sassy Go Go X3
2 years agoReply
The Suspicious Housemaid is a good family type! The ending was a bit flat but it was an interesting drama for sure!!
2 years agoReply