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CHAPTER 3 GUYS! SORRY FOR THE LATE UPDATE BC I WAS BUSY FOR SCHOOL.LOL I HOPE YOU LIKE IT.COMMENT IF YOU WANT TO GET TAGGED ON THE NEXT ONE!!⬇⬇⬇ B.I's POV Beep!Beep!Beep! - - My alarm is on! It's time to wake up and get to work because today is another day! "Everyone! Wake up! Let's get to work! Chanwoo ya, wake up! Junhoe ya, wake up! Jinhwana, wake up! Bobby ya, wake up! Donghyuka, wake up! Yunhyeongaa wake up! We have to train! Let's work work work!" - - They woke up and got ready! It took quite a long time to get ready because we only have 1 comfortroom so we have to take turns to take a bath... After everything we rode our van and went to the training center. - - While we were in the car, I got my phone and texted Jisoo and greeted her. B.I:"Good morning! :)" Kim Jisoo's POV I'm still in Japanese classes when my phone vibrated. I didn't mind it because I'm still busy. So I waited until my classes were done - - "wakarimashta!Domo arigato gunsaimas ta!Ohio!" - - After classes, I went outside the room and got my phone.Oh! It's Hanbin sunbaenim. B.I:"Good morning! :)" I replied. Jisoo:"Good morning! Sorry for the late reply by the way. I was in Japanese classes." B.I:"It's ok. Bye for now because I'm training!" Jisoo:"Okay. Bye!" B.I's POV After my chat with Jisoo. We arrived in the training center and that's when I thought 'today is another day'. We went out of the car and went inside the training center right away. We went to our training room right away. So we trained and trained and trained then we went to Japanese classes. - - After Japanese classes we went baxk to the training room and was practicing our dance then suddenly someone went inside the room and in my surprise it's YG pd-nim. iKon:"Anyeonghasaeyo pd-nim!" YG:"Anyeonghasaeyo! How's practice?" iKon:"It's fine." YG:"Ok! So I am here to announce something very important. I know this is very sudden and last minute but you are going to attend and perform on YG FAMILY CONCERT in Japan tomorrow, you have to atleast sing 2 songs tomorrow.Make sure you practice well!!" B.I:"Yes pd-nim! We won't let you down!" (YG exits the room) "Ok! Since we don't have enough time to practice something new let's just perform Wait for me and Climax tomorrow. So let's start the practice!!!" - - - *practices both songs* - - - We kept on practicing and practicing and practicing until all of us became so exhausted. Everyone sat down drank lots of water,including me, and wiped their sweat. - After the training,we waited for our car and went back to our dorm, while I was in the car I got my phone and texted Jisoo: 'Hello! I'm going to Japan tomorrow for the YG Family Concert.' and the message is sent. Jisoo's POV I was in my room,fixing my stuff before going to bed and then - 'Beep!Beep!' - Ugh! Who the hey is texting me in the middle of my unfinished business.I took a deep breath so that my anger will be lost. I got my phone and checked who is texting me in the middle of the night. - Oh! It's Hanbin oppa. I bite my words, everyone I want to issue a fornal apology to his fans for getting mad at him. I AM SO SORRY. - I calmed myself down and checked his text: HANBIN:'Hello! I'm going to Japan tomorrow for the YG Family Concert.' I replied. 'Oh,ok! Good luck. I'm sorry I can't see you perform' Ugh! I'll miss him. B.I's POV We were stuck in the middle of traffic and I was taking a nap. - Beep!Beep! - Jisoo texted JISOO: 'Oh,ok! I'm sorry I can't see you perform.' I replied. 'It's okay. You don't have to be sorry. Good night. :)' - Beep!Beep! - JISOO: 'Good Night too! Good luck tomorrow! Fighting!' ~~~ And that we arrived our dorm. Instead of packing or eating we just drank water and slept because we were too tired. *deep sigh* Tomorrow will be a big day. ~~~~~~~~~~
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lol i find it funny how she apologize to the fans for getting mad