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My friend showed me this a while ago on SBS PopAsia.. and i was like eh.. its alright now i luv it lol.. like damn Zicos raps and Babylons voice.. damn perfect duo... ik its old... but eh.. can still love it.. I always loved Zico since i found block b.. but now i know this was his song i love it.. Zico is bae.. aye bruhs.. tell me how yall become obsessed with yo fav artist of group.. doesn't have to be kpop or even music.. could be cactors aswell.. i love Johnny Depp ever since Pirates ot Caribbean.. ☺ el tags bruhs: ..lemme know.. @LenaBlackRose @kelseyblair @nnatalieg @DreaG1518 @mariadelzam @reyestiny93 @zaperz @Choijiah @TashiannaBostic @kyokeo @xojuliettexox @JoseCullen @DawanaMason @nell03 @SierraBecerra @punkpandabear @Defy24601 @moonchild03 @ElizabethT @externallyeli @CreeTheOtaku @deefran @EmilySavage @MalihaAhmed @KokoroNoTakara @bambamisbae @Dabaesaplayer @JasminMartinez @Mendoza0896 @QueenLee @RihannaTiaMay @otakukpopgirl @VoidX @ChaKaGe @XergaB20 @DancingPotato @StephaniePoore @tbbishixo @kenjutsu101 @JackieG1617 @torchix @ARMYStarlight @PrettieeEmm @KeziahWright @SarahVanDorn@VictoriaBossier @TracyLynnn @luna1171 @Sammie99522 @RainaC3 @ChaErica @RinaBea @KaeliShearer @HalimaOsman @jessicacheung97 @lrngalray15 @MelissaGarza @ninjamidori @PatriciaS @wordlesseyes @poofy @JaiiPanda @Kitty17
he has alot of confidence and he doesn't care what people think which is why he is my idol..i pull weord faces but i get afraid that i will be hated and judged but he doesn't which is why i look up to him..
I love zico because he is really hard working and you can tell by the way he carries himself I am obsessed with his song veni vidi Vici
Omg my Z baby!!!! (is dying)
@jiggzy19 @Sammie99522 ikr Zico is bae and he doesn't care if he looks ugly.. he is someone to look up to 😍😍
I was listening to it on SBS PopAsia radio today along with various other amazing songs!!! Totally love Zico & Babylon :D <3 <3 <3