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"Why wold you go and talk to her?"
"I don't--i just wanted to find a way help you. I don't like seeing you like this because it breaks my heart and-nd i just don't know."
"Look, i know you care about me, but i don't need help. Trust me, i can handle it"
"are you sure about that?, every night you ask me to sleep with you because you were afraid of being alone if you had another one of those nightmares"
"My world is a phase between the past and the present. We live on but we still remember our worst and happiest memories from our past and we tempt to think to ourselfs "What was it about that one day that changed our lives?".
"We all have our bad days and good days but that doesn't mean we should be stuck between those days. The best we can do is move on and forget. You should do the same. It's the only way for your depression can go away. Just know that you're not alone"
She never really realized what she had before the accident. All she said after we kissed was that- that's when she knew she was happy. The days move like waves. Her depression was not leaving her to the moment where she went insane. She started seeing things; shadows of her own fears and the worst thing is.... she didn't even remember the nightmares she had. All she remembered was the day her heart reached it's last braking point. I was there..... as her own shoulder to cry her agony and suffering out of her broken self.