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Hi! Today is a very important and special day here in Mexico and specially in my hometown, Puebla. We celebrate the triumph of our troops over the french ones and the way we celebrate it is with a special parade. This year, over 12000 people were expected to participate in this huge commemoration. I live really close to this historical zone, where the battle took place ages ago. The militia and civilians, such as highschool students and musicians celebrate this parade with customs, dances and really awsome spirit. Of course the aircrafts also take place in this celebration and let me tell you it's absolutely great to watch them. So, Im so happy today that I want to share some of this feeling with you, guys.
Hi @carlosdang!! I know it's been a while, but I'm back hehehe =) I wanted to contact you, to ask you what have you been doing lately, so.. What have you been doing?? =) I'm good, a little bit tired but that's okay hehe.This parade is great, just imagine the whole feeling, it's great!!
This is great! Thanks so much for sharing your feelings! And 12000 people is huge, wow! It's been a while since I last see you, Avril :D How have you been??