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Guys!!! It seems like Yonghwa and Seohyun are staying at the same apartment complex!! A new TV program called 'Decisive Punch', dedicated to reporting on idols that have dating rumors, revealed that out Sweet Potato couple indeed stay near each other. In the same apartment to be exact! A neighbor commented that Seohyun family has been living on the 4th floor first, and CNBlue moved in to the 1st floor after their agency was relocated nearby. Well, are we thinking too much or are the two really dating? I'm rooting for the later! p.s: I have to comment that I hate it when people try to dig into the privacy of celebrities. Like seriously. Give them a break.
Wish them the best luck.
maybe it is owned by the company and is a good excuse.. so if someone says 'hey they live in the same place' company says 'we own the building and it is required during training to live here' or something like that :)
Yay!! Glad that everyone agrees with me. But don't you guys think this apartment complex looks a bit too... hmmm.. plain/normal for them? I would expect them to stay in a nicer place xD
yeahh. thats true. give them a break. . its not our business if they secretly dated. . if we love our idol we will support them..
if it's true then I wish them the best of luck. relationships are hard enough without being a celebrity.
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