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who would have been the one to save me?. Hell, i think my own peril came from myself. The stories of our darkest days come in broken peaces. We were never....precisely... chosen for this kind of suffering it just happens. We can good and nice days also, but for people with "special issues" it doesn't happen very often. My life has been a story of sins and oblivious enlightenment. I have suffered through the one thing i believe no child or teenager should ever go through. I was surrounded by many shadows. People if you might say, but i have never really sympathize on the fact that maybe these people could help me. Then came Soo Yi. She was also like me but different at the same time. Her heart was pure but filled with hatred towards the world.. especially men. Her story was filled with domestic abuse, affairs and restless nights. When she smiles and laughs most people would believe she's happy, others who can see far more than meets the eyes WILL knows she's hurt and would ask "are you ok?". Maybe they won't ask but they would be tempted to.
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wow this is getting deep