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the movie behind the door is about a boy named tyrell (dj rayquizel) moves to a new house in a new neighborhood, he began to think that the door the last owner said never open it, tyrell is tempted to open the door to see why the last owner said not to. But when his sister does she suddenly get trapped in there,he has to find a way to get his sister back!!! then when he calls his friend which is a ghost detecter, says that the door can possible lead to the spirit world. they have to find a way to save his sister,get out,and lock the door a movie that is gonna be a great and enjoyable
Cast: Dj Rayquizel as tyrell Nevayah Rogers as shimmer Jamie Rogers as mom
Directer:NC Movie Studio's
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Dj rayquizel is a rapper he just reals ed his new album search him up
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