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So finally it's time. He will be enlisting in one hour - that's 60 minutes or 3600 seconds to go. News pics and articles are out about the love for Yesung that travels the globe - fans from different countries gather at Jeonju army training camp to send him off. I will try to update news pics of his enlistment later too - so watch out for that. I have been thinking, what's the big deal with enlisting? It's just 2 years. As fans we have waited for Kangin, Heechul will be discharged in August, and Leeteuk only has one more year to go. 2 years is nothing. It will pass by real fast. But as the time is ticking I feel the emotion kicking in. Yesung is the person I have the most interaction with in Super Junior. Of course I'm gonna miss him, a lot (even though all he does is trolling me all the time). But I believe army will make him a more wonderful person that he already is. So let's not be sad. He is coming back soon! Goodbye Yesung. Hello Jongwoon :)