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Hello Nakama, it's time for Feel Good Fridays!

Your host of the most @VoidX has a great challenge for you today! What's your favorite feel good fight?! Check out his original post: here! Feel free to post one or many of your favorite feel good fights in a card of your own and make sure you tag the awesome mod crew @tbell2 @VoidX @hikaymm @Danse @InVinsybll and myself. Let's get started shall we?

Warning: some spoilers ahead!

The Grand Magic Games!

The Grand magic games in Fairy Tail is one of my favorite story arcs, not just in Fairy Tail but in all of anime! With the Fairy Tail's main members gone for seven years, Fairy Tail became a laughing stock in the Wizard world. Sabertooth, the new number one guild, has their own pair of Dragon Slayers. The Light Dragon, Sting, and the Shadow Dragon, Rouge. It's now up to Fairy Tail's own Dragon Slayers; the Fire Dragon, Natsu, and the Iron Dragon, Gajeel, to take Sabertooth down and re-claim Fairy Tail as the number one Guild in Fiore!

Dragon Slayers vs Dragon Slayers!

So it's a Dragon Slayer team battle with a lot of points and a lot of pride on the line. The battle was explosive, as to be expected from these four. The Dragon Slayers went blow for blow as it appeared to be any teams game. That was until Sting and Rouge unleashed their Dragon Force (which more than doubles a Dragon Slayers power) and started beating Natsu and Gajeel. Sting even took control and took on Natsu and Gajeel by himself. Things didn't look good for the Fairy Tail Dragons, that was until they reveal that they were only playing possum. Natsu and Gajeel were only testing the power of Sting and Rouge; they stand back up ready to fight again.

Natsu Vs The Twin Dragons!

Now Natsu doesn't waste any time as he kicks Gajeel down a mine shaft and decides to take on Sting and Rouge (aka the Twin Dragons) by himself. This fight means more to Natsu than just a win or proving that he's the strongest. This is a fight for Fairy Tail. This is a fight for his friends, he's fighting to prove that Fairy Tail is not weak and it's going to be the strongest yet again. With all of his Guild Mates behind him Natsu put the hurt on the Twin Dragons and took a big victory for Fairy Tail!
This is easily one of the best (if not the best) feel good fights in anime. To see Natsu and Gajeel (especially Natsu) fight so hard to take back Fairy Tail's good name is aw inspiring. Fairy Tail is the king of feel good fights but this one stuck out to me. The Grand Magic Games is truly one of the best in anime and that moment when all of Fairy Tail puts up the L brings a tear to my eye!


Does anyone remember that time that the Fairy Tail finalists went up against Sting battered and bruised for the final points in the tournament? I think of Sting fought he would of won. Fairy Tail standing strong brought Sting to his knees and surrendered, now that's epic. Talk about feel good, this moment was incredible. Thanks for reading everyone! What's your favorite Feel Good Fight? Create your own card or let me know in the comments. I'm TylerDurso of the mod team and have a great day! @poojas @ThatPerson512 @ChrisSantiago @KaylanMadoori @DaiGakuSei @BlackDragon88 @CreeTheOtaku @Shannonl5 @MaighdlinS @Arnelli @NikolasSatterwh
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