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Ok.. so I collect the KLF.. they have done some awesome albums but this is still the one I go back to time and time again - partly because it evokes childhood memories!
I am proud of this record as its hard to find in good condition and quite rare in a way as its a 90s album and when cds came along everyone thought it would be a good idea to throw their records away..
What Time Is Love ^^^^
The White Room ^^^^ wonderful song!
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Oooh thank you!! I'll have to listen to this today I don't think I know it
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@shannonl5 Let me know what you think :)
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@Eclare I'm liking it so far!
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@shannonl5 awesome :)
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Absolute classic. It was intended to be the soundtrack for a KLF movie! Do you have Chill Out? bte, james caulty of the KLF does sculpture now, and its amazing. Check out Riot In a Jam Jar and The Aftermath
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