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mine is Hiyori and Yato, they r so cute and purfect together.
She has saved him many times and he will always protect her. Besides she did wish to be with him forever!
they both take care of eachother and fight for one another . even tho Yato is odd and immature Hiyori cares for him,and saves him in the worst of times, Hiyori is brave and sometimes takes on more than she can haldle but Yato is allways there to protect her.
@ImAnOtaku but what if someone wishes for Hiyori to be immortal and she become a god too?
But yato is immortal so hiyori will be old and die and yato will stay the same
MA HEART!!!!!!!!! On the noragami card!!! So...ka....waiiiiiii😞😞😞😍.....
I love this ship but it makes me sad that Hiyori will get older and Yato would get left behind when Hiyori's gone
@crommukk @BlackDragon88 thx gonna start on it tonight
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