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"No one has found the big one." WHAT

So we've all seen Guardians of the Galaxy and loved it- but apparently we're missing something huge. According to director James Gunn “They have not all been found. No one has found the big one, really.” (Via).

There's a few theories floating around...

But nothing Earth-shattering. Has everyone been looking? Are we all going to be groaning once Civil War comes out? I HATE MYSTERIES YOU GUYS.
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well you know about Howard the duck, right? and I think they're setting up the next avengers movie with the infinity gauntlet and all that.
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Plus, I think if I remember right, I paused it at just the right time to see something in the collectors collection. not sure about that, but worth checking out
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@DarrenRouton oooh yeah that would be a good place to look!
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I'm thinking, since they showed Cosmo, and Howard the duck, and they brought in deathlok for a.o.s., that it has something to do with project Pegasus. mainly because of the 70's motiff running throughout right now. but Howard the duck first appeared in man-thing. man-thing appeared in the very beginning of a storyline with the thing, which was titles "project Pegasus", in which deathlok also appeared. Also though, Cosmo was a big part of abnett and lannings run on guardians, so it could be the annihilation storyline(s). especially since they brought in ultron.
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@DarrenRouton ooooooh that's an interesting thought! Especially since we don't know much about the plot of GotG2 yet (just that Starlord's dad has been cast I believe)
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