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"No one has found the big one." WHAT

So we've all seen Guardians of the Galaxy and loved it- but apparently we're missing something huge. According to director James Gunn “They have not all been found. No one has found the big one, really.” (Via).

There's a few theories floating around...

But nothing Earth-shattering. Has everyone been looking? Are we all going to be groaning once Civil War comes out? I HATE MYSTERIES YOU GUYS.
Plus, I think if I remember right, I paused it at just the right time to see something in the collectors collection. not sure about that, but worth checking out
well you know about Howard the duck, right? and I think they're setting up the next avengers movie with the infinity gauntlet and all that.
@DarrenRouton ahhh there's always so many! Of course all the Stan Lee appearances, the Netflix shows have had a bunch of references to the Battle of New York (and they set up Elektra in really subtle ways too). I don't think anyone even knows WHAT the GotG one will be. Is it a hint about his dad? Or another infinity stone? Aaaaa I hate not knowing
@AshelyJewell yes maddam i will
@arnelli tell me if you find it
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