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Ms.Flowers was also like us. She was raped at age 11 and since then the world became nothing but broken presumptions. She couldn't help me because she had never helped herself. The only way she could was by enjoying the sexual life of hers and forgetting everything that had happened. She became a therapist for a hobby. To find something to do other than sex and drinking away her broken heart. But that was all in the past. The present is a hurtful truth and the temptation of focusing on such things hurts even more than just moving on. We are just shadows in the living world. Our past.....our present..... and our future do not exist. They are just broken memories of how we lived. And if our story is to ever be told by someone we know. They will say "Just remember that one accident". Then they'll know what happened to us. Lim Kim was a young girl who basically lost everything and soon it became more than just a memory. Soo Yi was also young and she had already gone through Domestic Abuse and depression. Ms.Flowers experienced rape and she dealt with it by experiencing her sexuality and having sex. HOPE YOU ENJOYED THE STORY! @justcallmekyke @ShellyVargas
wow so amazing I just read it all...I coukdnt stop....
This story got to me ugh it's so accurate 😭