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So I don't really know what "seductive" songs are but these are some that people have either told me are seductive or they remind me of the ones I have been told are…
Gain~Paradise Lost Even I knew this one was seductive
Stellar~Marionette I don't really listen to stellar but I have friends who always talk about it
EXO~What Is Love? I was listening to this song when my friend walked in and said something about me being in my feelings and I said no I just like pretty songs and she says "I ain't gone lie though. This is definitely a making love song!" To which my response was "Ew, don't say that."
Sunmi~Full Moon Starting here are songs that I thought sounded like the ones I've been told are seductive. So, if they aren't what you would consider seductive, I tried my best
EXO~Moonlight I am 99.99% sure this sounds like a seductive song
MBLAQ~Cry I know this one is kind of sad lyrically, but music wise I believe it fits the criteria
SHINee~In My Room *repeat caption from above*
BEAST~12:30 This one I am less sure about
SHINee~Last Gift Least sure of all
I would just like to reiterate that I do not know what a seductive song is. For most of these I went through my "Hydrangea" playlist (which is composed of songs I find to be especially pretty. So I guess my preferred music is seductive music, but I just think of them as pretty.
Thank you. When you tagged me I was like "Oh god, I don't know how to do this?!" But I decided to give it a shot anyway Lol @madandrea
It's all good ^_^ Your list is fine and you picked good ones
So I did it right?! @amobigbang
nice pickd
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