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Wearing a Fitbit heart rate tracker can help you keep an eye on your fitness – and apparently the state of your relationship.

A guy happened to be wearing his Fitbit when his boyfriend suddenly called and broke up with him, Cosmopolitan reported. The little fitness gadget actually thought he was working out, counting it as a full HOUR AND A HALF of fat-burning cardio.
I can't believe his heart rate stayed so high for so long!! That's a lot of emotional stress...

I guess breakups are good for your heart? :'(

Actually this is totally true! and breakups are also require a true healing process. most people don't know that!
Like it requires time, healthy behavior and thoughts. Sometimes even intervention with a professional! All the things we associate with "healing" in a medical sense. It's pretty fascinating actually @AlloBaber
Ooo that's interesting! What do you mean a true healing process?? I'd love to learn more @nicolejb :)