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Kpop friend

I started school at a new college this semester, and I found a girl I used to know two years ago but we lost contact. We were talking and she casually mentioned she listened to kpop. I couldn't help it and I started fangirling (gif related). She loves BTS and I'm just so excited I finally know someone who loves kpop as much as me. Do your friends like Kpop? I'm just too excited lol.
A friend of mine has a friend who likes kpop and we started talking over the Internet. She came to my city from California and we hanged out over winter break it was great. I only have 3 friends that really enjoy kpop like I do. I wish my girlfriend did, but she isn't as crazy about it as I am. Plus, she gets angry with me if I talk about it too much 😅
2 of my friends love kpop so i. very happy we can fan girl haha
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