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It looks like that Street Fighter V is getting four different Limited Edition consoles in Japan to celebrate the release of the game this February. And honestly, this seems like an ongoing trend in the video game world. Japan always gets the better deal when it comes to custom PS4s and man, I wish I was in Japan or Japanese or anything in between so I could get my hands on one of these four systems.

Street Fighter V Edition

The first LE console is pretty simple. It has the Street Fighter V logo on it but in comes in that sleek "Glacier White" color. Out of all of the consoles this one seems like the most simple.

Street Fighter V Chun-Li Laura Edition

I'm pretty into this one, to be honest. The art of Chun-Li and Laura almost look like they were penciled on or lightly painted. This is only what I could tell from the pictures though. I can only imagine what the art looks like in person. If I had to choose any of these consoles, I'd probably pick this one. The only problem with these white consoles is that they're probably prone to getting super dirty. Especially the controller. If Glacial White isn't your thing, they also have two Jet Black options.

Street Fighter V Ryu Edition

The first of which has Ryu on the front. It's pretty standard and looks like what the box art might be when the game is finally released. Much like the previous pair, the first is the more simple of the two.

Street Fighter V Ryu Necalli Edition

Now this version has a lot more going on. More than the Chun-Li/Laura Edition that I'm so fond of. One of the things I absolutely enjoy about the way the art looks on this system is that it looks embossed or engraved from the pictures. I also like how the art takes up most of the space since the other ones only take up about a third of the space given on the section. I don't know if I'd pick this one up though. I feel like looking at these two intense characters might make me feel ashamed if I play anything other than Street Fighter.
But no matter how much I wish I could get my hands on one of these badboys, I won't be able to. Since they're exclusive to Japan. The closest thing we get to a Limited Edition system is...

The Street Fighter V Bundle

This recently announced bundle comes with a 1 TerraByte hard drive. Which was something I was thinking of upgrading to eventually. But I don't see myself buying this bundle just because the hard drive space is a little larger. Since I've been trying to upgrade my PS4 since I heard that doing so is (almost) necessary if you want to play a lot of games, I found out that spending money on a new hard drive itself would be a lot cheaper than going for a whole new system.
I'm still trying to mentally prepare myself for swapping hard drives but maybe when I do, I'll take a bunch of pictures/make a handy guide to share with all of you.
But what do you all think about the Limited Edition consoles and the Bundle?
@paulisadroid I CANT AFFORD IT
does anyone know from where to get street fighter action figures at reasonable price. . (DoNT SUGGEST EBAY).....i am from INDIA and.there is no street fighter action figures available