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How well do you know your favorite people?

Last week we did Doctor Strange and Doctor Orpheus, which was pretty tricky! Clearly because they're (basically) the same character! This week, each of the following quotes is from either Loki or H.P. Lovecraft (yup, the creator of cthulhu). Let's see how well you know your trivia!

Click the arrow on the right side of the image to find out if you guessed correctly!

Duly noted.
I'm afraid of what I don't know is rotting in the vegetable drawer right now.
I'm laugh/crying right now!
Good to know.
I'd take offense but I am indeed full of lies.
Aw thanks pal.
Fun for the whole family!

How did you do?

This one was really fun to make!
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@ThePervySage oh my goodness thank you this is AWESOME!! I wasn't living there, I was closer to Flatbush, but I have a few friends that are around there :D
Got them all right
@FreeWill666 well done! I was surprised by this one I didn't realize we had so many Lovecraft fans here