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Extroverts get their energy from spending time and being around people. What does that mean for dating? Well expect to hear "Hey, do you want hang out?" A LOT.
Last week I wrote a card about Introverts and Dating, in an attempt to vent on some problems introverts face in the dating world. Well, I forgot to rep the extroverts of Vingle. Here's to all you cool kids that just want to hang.

We'll try to get you to go out

We heard about this really cool event or concert or play or whatever. Anyway we need someone to go with us, so we will probably ask you. This applies to our friends too.

We aren't flirting we are just being nice

I promise just because we come to talk to you does NOT mean we want your number or take you home or go on dates or whatever. Sometimes we just want friendship.

We might want a lot of your attention

I promise we aren't trying to be high-mateience. We just happen to want you to pay attention to our every need (jk, but really though).

We like trying new things

We will try new weird food, adventure activities like skydiving, and even have the occasional spontaneous water gun wars. We will go to them and we WILL be super happy to experience it with you.

We shamelessly display emotion.

If we are upset. You will know. If we like you. You will know it. This can both be frustrating and good on your part because you'll always know what we are feeling, though you might not like it.

Sometimes we Ramble.

Sometimes our mouths just keep going and going and we are so so sorry but there is no way we can stop right now because we must share every little thing with you.
All-in-all extroverts are pretty unapologetic about who they are. So we are sorry if we come across as rude or loud or annoying, but we promise it's just who we are.
Not sure what your MBTI is you can take the quiz! <<HERE>> And Follow my collection for mores.

Extroverts out there you feel me?

sorry that was me being dumb and not checking what I'm texting
Wow I relate so hard to this, this is my life in a nutshell
And like personal affirmations from other people to feel good about myself. that's a big part of my happiness too @InVinsybll thank you @TessStevens, I often think that's how people must describe me
Definitely eating the cheese, but no wine for moi, haha (I'll be fourteen when I go XD). PAU AU CHOCOLAT HERE I COME. @nicolejb
We just have a lot of feelings bursting out onto the world, okay??!
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