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How many of you people have a Waifu/Husbando complex? I know I do! Who would you want in Your Harem. Would you allow non-human girls/guys in your Harem? Right now I'm in the process of building the Strongest Harem in the world and I want you guys to build one too! Show me who you got because I'm very curious to know who you'd want! Join me in the MADNESS!!!!!!!!
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either rosario + vampire or high school dxd
@BlackoutZJ I respect the rules so highschool DXD it is
Hard to choose between Highschool DxD and Rosario + Vampire
Ditch Yukari, who has no purpose in the shoe, and it's Rosario Vampire all day, with high school DxD as side harem
highschool dxd and rosario+vampire need my waifus to unite not fight each other