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Time for some shameless self promotion. If you don't like that, you're welcome to leave. But if you want to get cozy with that shameless goodness continue to read. I know people write fanfictions on here, but I'm the type to keep an organized story all together instead of in separate parts. I have a Vhope wattpad story called "Ship us to Make us" and it's really good.
I copied the summary here... "Let me get this straight? You want us to act like we have secret feelings for eachother in public for more publicity?" Taehyung is an active member of BTS. He tries his best to make the fans happy and does what's needed to be done. He even went as far as acting like an alien when ever in front of the camera to gain more appeal. But what happens when his managers order him to increase his skinship with his member jhope and act like he's in love with him? Will they be able to fake it or will they begin to develop feelings? And what if jhope isn't really as cheery as everyone thinks he is?
Sound interesting anyone? If you want to look the story up by my username on Wattpad. It's skylarakasky. If you want to look it up by title it's "Ship us to make us(vhope)." I also want to point out that Wattpad is an app you can get on your phone or type in on a computer. You can access it either way. Hope you guys can check it out. If not that cool too.