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Today, one of my fav Vinglers (@AkashBhojraj) shared a really cute story of love and being a couple. It made me think of another one my mom used to share with me. It's pretty cute and silly but I hope you like it!
"An old man and old woman have been married for forty years.
For their entire marriage, the man had always given his wife the heel (or the end piece) of every bread loaf. Whether it was a sandwich, garlic bread, or just bread fresh from the oven, she always got the heel.
"Why can't I ever have the soft middle of the bread?" she'd think and get angry about. "Why does he always keep the best part for himself?"
After 40 years, one day she couldn't stand it any more. As he served her a sandwich made from store-bought bread, there was the heel as the top of her sandwich.
"Why do you always do this?" she cried. "I hate the heel. I like the soft part! I've only eaten it all these years to make you happy. Why can't you ever take the heel to show you love me?!"
"I've always given it to you," the man said softly, "because it's my favorite part."
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@nicolejb lol exactly. ^_^ Love is beautiful in all its forms, isn't it? We just got into this long conversation about the Greek words for "love" (I'm a word nerd. You have noooo idea.) I'm so amazed everyday that love touches so many people, changes so many lives, that the ancient Greeks would make six DIFFERENT words to describe one concept!! 💜💜 💜
DAW @ButterflyBlu EXACTLY!. I feel like I get that even with good friends and family members, sometimes I even plan events/dates/trips with the other person in mind. One time I took my friend on a hike, because I thought she LOVED hiking and after the hike I asked her if she had fun and she said "yeah, I'm just happy to spend time with you." lol. She only liked hiking because she knew I liked it too. She only told me she liked it because she didn't want to be left out on my adventures. we had a good laugh about it.
Awww, @nicolejb, that is sooo sweet. I totally get it, too. The guy I'm dating has been my best friend for 20 years. We met when we 8 years old. So we know each other inside out. We've only been dating now for 2 months, but for years, we'd find ourselves fussing about stupid things like, "no YOU take the last bite" or "no let's have That for dinner because it's what YOU like". I think, when you really love someone, you just want them to be happy, no matter what. This is a really sweet story, Nic. Thank you for sharing!!
Completely flattering to see I am one of your favourite Vinglers!! Yay!! :) ;)
Thanks for your appreciation :D @StephanieDuong @Zxenna @Eclare @misterE i think the reason I like it so much is because it's really simple and it's all about perspective of the couple. he gives her what he loves and she didn't get it! haha
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