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Well...that's a crappy title.... I been meaning to do this card for a while....I've had the idea for some time....heh Basically, while doodling in class I got to thinking what I would do if I was an idol (pretending if we lived in a world where non Asians could be Kpop idols) So I thought I would ask my Vingle family this question or series of questions?? Now I am going to do one for a solo artist and in a don't have to do both it's your choice!! If you guys decide to make a card please tag me!! You can leave your answers in the comments as well!!

What company would you decide to be in?

Well...I will go with the one I first thought of which was BigHit Entertainment!! I don't like huge places so....BigHit is a wonderful choice....I know there are other smaller companies but I don't want to change my original answers! Besides Bts would be my sunbaes....I mean I would be near them

Solo artist or member of a group?

Like I said I thought up scenarios for both!

What would be your stage name?

For solo artist, I went with my Korean name SungAh!! As a member of a group....I thought of using my real name....Sam but then I changed it to Skittles....(weird name but that was the first thing that came up and its one of my many nicknames)

What would be your group name?

Well....I didn't really think this far but I will try right now! I think something like Shades or Helios?? ....Idk I am pretty bad at this....but it has a nice ring to it.... Oh my god the Shades are having a comeback this month!!! Have you heard Helios debut song? Its amazing!!!!

What would be your position?

In a group I know I only have talent to either be a rapper or a sub the one who only gets one line? Yeah I'd be that person -_- Also I would be that quiet person who then turns out to be the one with a rather crazy side....only when I feel like it heh

Fandom name?

As a fans would be called Gummyz... Reasons: I love gummy bears (obsessed just a little) and I love my fans I would want them to be sweet like a gummy bear They come in all different sizes and shapes....just like my fans and I love all of them the same! As would be somewhere along Shadows....cant think of anything else heh ( I have tried most brands of gummy bears and Haribo....nope not my favorites)

Fandom light stick and color?

Color for both solo and groups would be purple and blue....but like light would be a gradient so it will constantly be changing....cute right? Light stick would be a gummy bear... and maybe a moon for the group idk..

Debut song title and concept?

Hmm....I don't really like cute stuff so either ways this would encompass solo and group.... I always have wondered why idols haven't used a could really go out with that concept....and hopefully you would make an impact with the song because its so different So that's my concept and the song title would be Demons....sounds cool! Or we could go with something mildly Gummy Bears heh ^~^
And finally.....

What would your signature look like?

I have been practicing and this is my rather simple looking one....idk how idols could come up with theirs.... Sorry crappy quality
So that's it and if you would like to suggest more questions....go right ahead. These were put up pretty randomly so yeah.... Enjoy this Challenge?
Lol same! I would like to be the sub vocal. gummyz is a good Fandom name. my Fandom name would be marshmallows either way. group name is really hard. I would choose jellyfish entertainment to be closer to Vixx and I too want to be in a smaller company.
@ninjamidori hah thanks @Mightmuffin heh thats a cute name but yeah maybe i should have thought of a better group name