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Big Bang ↝TOP↜ IG update
I Love this sliver hair he has.... super adorable♡♡♡♡
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everything looks good on him
2 years ago·Reply
@lilbr0wneyes I agree he looks good with everything! I mean nothing can destroy his natural beauty!
2 years ago·Reply
I didn't notice I typed ↠Nig Bang.... the picture just took my breath aways head wasn't even thinking straight... he just too cute... with this Selfie
2 years ago·Reply
@ElleHolley Please try to scream in "silent mode"...I did that with my mouth open.. but no sound... u might look crazy for a moment.... but if anyone ask.... u can pretend u were just yawn...
2 years ago·Reply
Love his style~ ^^
2 years ago·Reply