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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

If you live on the east coast than you're probably preferring yourself for this blizzard that is heading our way. Snow can be both exciting and depressing depending on where you're at and how much snow is being called for. When they're referring to snowfall as a blizzard, that's when you know that you'll be indoors for quite sometime. All you can really do is hope for the best and pray that the meteorologists were a bit off when it came to the guest-imated accumulation.
Although I happen to naturally be a homebody, sometimes remaining in doors can become overwhelming and rather boring. To ensure that I am as entertained as I can possibly be during this snow storm I have thought up some indoors-y ideas that will help pass the time. Whether you'll be sitting in the house watching the snow come down alone or with a loved one -- keep scrolling to see how you can keep yourself from being bored during the blizzard.

Have Your Own Movie Night

Get the popcorn and snacks ready while you sit in front of the television or your laptop and indulge in some good films whether they be new or old.

Try Out A New Recipe

Of course, you'll have to eat during this storm and since you will be stuck indoors -- it's likely that your favorite carryout won't be delivering. To make your night(s) in adventurous, google a random recipe and give it a try. Let's just hope that you enjoy it once it's done cooking.

Indulge In A Little Online Shopping

You might not be able to go shopping at the mall, but you can always order a few things online. Try not to over do it, but it's always nice to treat yourself. Go for it!

Facetime A Friend Or Loved One

Being snowed in alone can be rather -- well, lonely. To bring yourself a bit of happiness and brighten up your snowy day, give someone that's been on your mind a call. A phone call is always nice, but face-timing is even better.

Get Snowed In With Someone Special

A phone call is nice, but if you have the option to actually invite someone over -- do so. We all know that two is better than one, especially during a storm.

These are just a few ideas that came to mind.

How would you keep yourself busy during a blizzard?
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@LAVONYORK I took pictures today from inside the house not brave enough to go out. The wind is wicked.
@jordanhamilton and Skyping with my friend across the world lol show her this blizzard lol
I'm doing movie night! :)
@EasternShell YAY BRANDY! Hahaha. I can almost imagine the smell of your something bubbling on the stove! ^_^ I bet it'll be delicious. Movies and mags ALL the way lady. P.S. Can I join you?? Hahaha
I have spent my entire day on Vingle while reading a fellow Vingler's story for feedback. I'm cooking something. Smells good, but I haven't named it. It will go over rice. The thing about a cold is no sense of taste and I can barely smell. So hope everyone enjoys. While something is cooking, I'm going to clean my room and the bathroom. Everyone avoids it. Movies and mags til I crash. I have a poem I want to finish. Oh I didn't mention the brandy. It makes me not care about the cold (inside or out). I'm really relaxed 馃槍
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