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This week some controversial news on a K-Pop star, has been circulating in some pretty high-brow news sources. Usually I don't keep up with Kpop, but this story was so enraging I had to comment.
Here's the gist of it: Taiwan-native singer Chou Tzuyu, a 16 year old K-pop star was filmed waving a Taiwanese flag. What's so wrong with this? Well, China REALLY doesn't like Taiwan. In fact, it does not acknowledge that is actually a sovereign state.
With the close relationship of China and Korean pop culture, the Chinese government stepped in. The singer was forces to give a humiliating apology for waving the flag of a country that's she's from.

Now there are two things about this that make me REALLY angry:

1. She had to apologize for showing national pride.
2. Big money and the government were probably behind this.
The entertainment company that the pop star is a part of controlled a lot of this apology. And who were they probably controlled by? The Chinese government. Entertainment was then controlled by money, power, and control.
I watch this and think:

Wow how luck am I to live in a country where I'm allowed to be proud of where I'm from AND be able to trust that my media isn't controlled.

But then I think-- well, wait a second! How can I say that when...
1. Nationalities are often attacked in my country (think, Middle Eastern nationalities and Muslim-Americans). They can't be "proud" of where they are from without being attacked or checked as a terrorist threat. They are told to apologize for their identity too.
AND 2. Our media and government are also controlled by money.
6 Corporations own 90% or media in the U.S. and many of them are linked to big money on Wall Street and the like.
Sure, this example of a girl having to apologize is NOT ok. And can point and say "Shame on them" all we want for this controversy, but we also need to recognize this problem exists where we are from too.
We need to recognize that we can't just say: "look at how awful these countries are."

But we need to use this example for why all of us need to get a whole lot better.

Tagging some Kpop fans talking about this to get their opinion: @FalseLove @Luphy @itsirene @MikoDamico @DaMemez
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They care mostly because a lot of their citizen are into this entertainment @ChosenKnight. They like to control things, China, and this is another way of them trying to control the public opinion I think. @WiviDemol I know I can't imagine being that young and having to deal with so much political nonsense. I would be so afraid and embarrassed. that's totally upsetting @MikoDamico :( I feel like if it were me, I would need support.
i personally know people in China and Taiwan. this mindset with the Chinese runs pretty thick, trust me because i dealt with my own experience with this. They just don't want to accept the fact that Taiwan has been independent for quite awhile. China just wants to punish them because they feel superior. In America, we celebrate our independence every year. Zhou TzuYu should be able to do the same.
@nicolejb ur very wise and considerate.ppl like u are very rare in this world.
I don't think she should have had to apologize. that was way wrong and way out of line. Just bcuz the Chinese government doesn't acknowledge Taiwan's independence doesn't mean the Taiwanese aren't allowed to be proud of where they came from and support that pride with a flag.
I totally agree @LadyLuna you should never have to apologize for where you are from, what you love