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Driving is hard, you guys. Seriously, in real life and in video games. Maybe it's particularly harder in video games than it is in real life. Especially in Grand Theft Auto V. But fortunately Nox Official over on YouTube shows us the best way to park in the game (even if it is in a handicapped parking spot).
Check out the video below for some sweet parking grooves.


That was amazing. And you know what, it was pretty easy to accomplish. I only lost about all of my day trying to recreate this exact parking jump on my PS4. And when I say "all of my day" I mean I started trying this at 4PM yesterday and only got it to happen for me around 4AM this morning*. So I'm feeling pretty good about it. I know I'm an awesome dude. I'm the best.
*Why are you looking at me like that Franklin? I know I didn't really do it. And I know I gave up after only trying it one time. But come on, this is the Internet. I don't have to be truthful about everything I say. Come on, dude. Stop looking at me like that. I know, you're better than me. I get it. Can't I just have this one thing. Can't I just pretend I'm as cool as someone who is actually cool?
Lol I'm surprised the car didn't smash into pieces upon landing, wait, this is GTA, of course not.
Hahaha that was awesome