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Dear Omar, I'm very sorry for not being there. I'm very sorry for not being the friend you needed. I know it's too late... I could've tried to help you but I failed. I'm very sorry. Life is hard, I know that... but it's worth it... your life was taken.. Why'd you do it? I know it wasn't easy. I know it's very hard... but it's not worth it! I'm sorry I wasn't there. If I was... I could have stopped you. You had your whole life in front of you. The things you wanted, you were a step to reach them. One step to climb. What hurts more is that I didn't even know. I know it's too late, I know that this letter will never reach you, but it's nice to let it out. Omar, you were a great friend, to many people, we didn't talk much, but I could see that you were a great person. You left people with nothing but memories and it hurts. It hurts knowing that it could've been stopped and you could've been living right now. I'd say hi to you as you pass by in the hallway or maybe even just a smile. You would try your best in everything you did, remember how you wanted to join the military? Just a step closer. You should've been living! You shouldn't have given up... YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE. But I'm too late.. and I'm sorry for that. I really am. I just found out about your death a few minutes ago.. I'm sorry for not being the friend you needed. I'm sorry for the problems you had. Everyone is mourning for you now. I am too. Once again, I'm sorry. Rest In Peace Omar