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I had the awesome opportunity to meet up with the gorgeous natural hair blogger Tyla Gilmore, better known as @tylauren on everyone's favorite social media platform, Instagram. While we kept warm in Starbucks, I got to know Tyla and her love for hair, beauty and fashion. The Staten Island native is twenty-three years young and an alumna of Johnson and Wales college. She graduated in 2015 and from the looks of things, that seemed to be her year for a lot more than just fulfilling her education. Tyla and a group of other natural hair women started the Instagram page @thecurlybunch in August of 2015 and have since gone on to grow their platform with a whopping 10K followers over the course of just four months. The ladies all have different hair types and post on the page at least six times per day. The goal of the natural hair page is to reach out to all people and spread the word of both natural beauty and hair. I plan on meeting up with the group of ladies in the near future, so stay tuned -- but in the meantime, keep scrolling to learn a bit more about the natural hair guru herself [below].
Q: How long have you been into natural hair, beauty and fashion? A: I will be honest, I hated my curly hair and never wore it. I would come up with the craziest excuses to not wear it. That was basically all of middle school and high school and then I met my friend Nakita [the weave goddess]. She was like, 'Ty people pay for your hair' and we went to the beauty supply store and bought a bunch of products. I went natural in May of 2015 and started taking care of it my sophomore year of college. I never wore makeup until my senior high of high school. I had no clue what I was doing. I didn't wear eyeliner and my mom was like please you look like a ghost. I started doing makeup and really getting into it freshman year of college. Fashion has always been a passion of mine since about the seventh grade. I knew I had to be involved in something, I didn't want to do a fashion focused career -- so I ended up getting my associates in visual merchandising. Q: Where or who do you get most of your inspiration from? A: @KrystalBick on Instagram. She is probably my first inspiration to ever start blogging. Also, @ItsMyRayRaye. She’s amazing and a real genuine person. Q: What’s the backstory on your instagram page? A: To keep it honest, I would've never thought I would be doing this right now. it was always a passion of mine, but I was always timid -- that’s why I haven’t started a YouTube channel yet. I’m super hesistant because I'm sort of a perfectionist. It was never planned, it just kind of fell in my lap. I'm sticking with it because it works.
Q: If you could give one hair tip to beginners, what would it be? A: Definitely to commit because it’s all about committing. You can have a million products in your house and spend a million dollars in the salon, but if you don't commit to doing anything in your life or to your hair, it won't work. It’s crazy to say that I'm the perfect example, but it shows. My hair was completely fried and I committed to no heat and it actually worked. You know how when you say something and it actually works, it means a lot more. So, the commitment is what counts. Q: Must have fashion item for the fall? A: Probably a go-to hair treatment. This can be a protein treatment or a hair mask, but definitely a hair treatment that you will do once a week because the cold will do a number on your hair. Definitely a treatment of any type. Q: Favorite product? A: Cantu Beauty Leave-In Conditioner.
Q: A leather jacket or an amazing pair of booties? A: A leather jacket. I am a jacket-a-holic. If I spend free time on my lunch break, I will go to a thrift store and buy jackets. Q: One word to describe your taste in fashion. A: Simple. Very simple. I’ll wear a white tee and black pants everyday if I can. Every single day. Q: Go To Hairstyle for the winter? A: A wash and go. I’m the wash and go queen.
Q: Must have makeup/hair item for the fall? A: Brow Wiz by Anastasia Beverly Hills Q: A bold eye or an amazing pop of color lip? A: A pop of color on the lip. Definitely not an eyeshadow girl, but I love lipsticks. Q: Name one hair myth that you cannot stand? A: I don't know if this counts, but you tell me. A lot of my followers get upset because they say that they have the same hair type as me, but people don't understand the process of the journey. You have to cater to your hair and don't take it to heart. Hair textures or how our hair absorbs moisture could be different. Not all hair types are the same, you can have 4C hair and use one leave-in conditioner and another girl can have 4C hair and it the same conditioner will do nothing for her.
It was such a pleasure getting to learn about Tyla and her journey in the natural hair community. I am looking forward to having the opportunity to sit down and meet all of the ladies from The Curly Bunch in the near future. In the meantime, you can keep up with Tyla and all of the other ladies on their Instagram's [seen below]. @tylauren - Tyla @Curly.edgy - Edgy @actually_ashly - Ashly @christinavega_ - Christina @ohhthatsjustflash - Flash @thecurlybunch - group page
Her HAAAIIIIRRRRR omg omg omg. Gorgeous. I can't take my eyes off it!! :D
Yessss! I was super mesmerized when I was sitting down with her. She's super gorgeous & her hair is super amazing @AlloBaber