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You guys were so helpful in demystifying yesterday's love Q, the simplest way to approach a girl! Thanks everyone who chimed in – @jordanhamilton @mewhinamon @petname83 @RaquelArredondo @humairaa @peahyr you guys are awesome :) I really appreciate it when people give their personal take on things, because as much as I love talking about love, I definitely don't have all the answers!
Plus, every person is so different. So you never know who your perspective might help! :D
I got today's question from another curious fellow (come on girls! You guys need to get in here and ask me some questions too! Lol). He wants to know:

Q: Girls love funny guys. So how can I make a girl laugh?

Who's got some advice for him? I can contribute a few of my ideas, to start off...
Use situational humor.
Anybody can be funny with the right timing! Comment on something happening around you.
Don't watch for her reaction.
I'm totally not trying to make you laugh, babe! I'm just naturally hilarious ALL the time!
Make fun of yourself – not others.
Self-deprecating humor is the most charming thing ever. Being mean is not.
Gently tease her.
A classic flirting move that will have you feeling playful around each other. Just don't push it too far.
Let things roll off your back.
If you fail or make a stupid joke, just laugh it off. It's good to be chill.
And all in all, I would say just be yourself and don't try too hard. Some people aren't all that funny – and that's okay! Some girls like to be the one to make you laugh in the relationship. And some definitely appreciate dorky puns and terrible dad jokes, too.
So just be confident, and don't be afraid to keep trying! :)
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And don't worry if you're awkward at making the joke, I'm sure she'll giggle anyways! Whenever someone tries to make me laugh, I laugh, even if it isn't that funny, but the I guess the idea that someone is trying, makes me laugh (definitely not in a bad way! )
I personally think it's funny when guys make funny faces! I find that seeing a beautiful person, (because we're ALL beautiful in our own way ;) ), make a really ugly/funny face just tickles me.
@AlloBaber hahaha the nerdy type is amazing! It's just so...weird haha I blame school cx but yes! NERDS UNITE!
I don't think all girls like funny guys. The reason I always laugh with my male friends is bcoz they watch my fav shows which are always comedy so it always gets funnier when we talk abt it! They enact some of the scenes with their bad voices😄 idk if it works for other girls though
Puns make lots and lots of puns! They're my weakness!