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Hey Fam!!! we've seen so many different anime,(some more than others) so I wanted to know whats your favorite ending of a main anime? make a card for this and be sure to @ me!!

this may not be all main ones but here is a list of the main anime's that most have seen: Naruto (shippuden/ original) Bleach Fairy Tail (original/2014) one piece dragon ball Z katekyo hitman reborn soul eater Full Metal alchemist (original/brotherhood) 7 Deadly sins Hunter X hunter Magi Any anime that you think is well known!!

any sequals or related to the series count example: FMA and FMA brotherhood its a sequel related to the original FMA

Rules: you can pick only one favorite ending from each anime! you can do all of these animes or only a few! be sure to have fun and tag me!!!!

now here are my favorite main anime endings:

Naruto Shippuden ending 15!

I love this ending from Naruto shippuden so much!! the colors are bold and the fighting movements are awesome!!!

Bleach Ending 17!

i love this ending the music is awesome and has a "paper Mario effect" on the characters!

Full metal alchemist brotherhood ending 4!!

this is such a great ending!! the music sounds slow at the start but the chorus is awesome!!! honestly if you have not watched FMA yet watch this ending and let it be your first impression of FMA!!!

Fairy tail ending 17!!!!

fairy tail has such great endings and openings that its so hard to pick one!!! this is one of my favorite endings from FT next to endings 10,18 and 19 and all of the others almost!! if you have not watched Fairy Tail yet I highly recommend it!!!

Soul Eater ending 3!!

soul eater is a really great , awesome anime and this in my opinion was one of the best endings from soul eater!!

One piece ending 15!

i love this ending because it shows what luffy and the others went through (at current time when the ending was made) kind of like a time line!!!

There was just a few of my favorite endings from different anime!!! if you liked this card why not make your own and tag me!!! id love to see you guys make a card!!! If you liked this card and plan on participating i plan on making more Anime challenges so ill make a collection for the challenges!!!

challenging some fam:

Tagging those who may be interested (some may be tagged more than once):

I like this idea, too bad I always end up skipping the endings to get straight to the next episode hahaah😂
Hey, @SeoInHan haven't seen you in awhile! What ever happened to our game of draw something, lol.
@devinrohers I usually do that till the last episode so I can truly enjoy the ending of it as well the anime. It adds to the affect :3
I've been challenged more than once now so i"ll try to do this!! but also, even though I haven't seen all of these, i liked the songs :D
This is awesome. Would love to see more of these cards~
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