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Americas rappers vs. some of the best Korean rappers
Fluffy Mint Yoongi ❤️
Never change Korea... never change
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I'll take BTS rappers over these so called american rappers of this generation .. Unlike the old days where rap DID mean something, now they turned it to trash.. No offense to those who like lil wayne and all those others...
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I've never cared for rap until I started listening to BTS, I'm more of a rock girl...
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Even before K Pop I listened to rap music, but K Pop took it from meh to, gtnxfdusuftd ok syf uhh diysyg it sustxhohsyfgJzu I LOVE FRIKING RAP MUSIC BUT MOSTLY ONLY IF IT'S KOREAN😅
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I've always liked rap and been a bit of a hip hop head but I primary listen to more of a mixture of alternative and jazz but since I started listening to more k-pop again I'm going through a music phase of primarily k-pop and I gotta say I like Korean rappers one hundred times more then American rappers.
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i love jhopes pose out of all. he's so cute
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