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Division rivalries are one of the best parts of the league. Giants vs. Cowboys, Steelers vs. Bengals, these are must-watch games each year.
One of the best divisions in football people rarely talk about is the NFC West. Sure this division has had it's up and downs, but right now we could argue that it's been the best division in football over the past decade or so.
Kelly said the West is “stacked” and that play in the division is at “an unbelievable standard.”
“I think the NFC West is stacked. But that excites you. If you’re a competitor, you get excited about competing in that ... it’s a league that’s based on parity. If you’re really good, you pick last. If you’re not really good, you pick first. We all have the same amount of money. It’s how you allocate it. Everybody has the same amount of players. It’s just trying to put the right formula together to be successful.”
Think about it: The Rams were stellar around a decade ago with Warner and faulk. Shortly thereafter, the 49ers went to the Superbowl, followed up by the Seahawks making back to back Superbowls. Oh and the Cardinals are in the NFC Championship this weekend.

Is The NFC West The Best Division In The NFL?

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And on top of that every year for the last 6 years our division has put at least 2 teams in the playoffs every year lol especially last year when we had 3 teams in XD
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I think it's hard to overlook the deep runs of the NFC west teams. Rams were amazing for 4-5 years. Seahawks have been dominant for past 3-4. Over the past decade or so that division has been pretty strong
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Honestly the AFC North is the best division in football excluding Cleveland
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Yeah I think I'm going to have to go with @Straightshooter and @EvanYannetti on this one.
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