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I've gotten a bunch of your PSN names, I got started thinking on some of my favorite multiplayer moments throughout the years. Too bad I didn't have a capture card or anything like that because I would love to show you guys videos instead of just explaining them in detail but here we go.


There was a time where my friends and I were obsessed with playing Minecraft. We were never any good at it. I mean, most of the time we just built awkward looking houses into the sides of mountains because I was too afraid to gather all the necessary resources to make a proper log cabin. I don't know if there was anything spectacular about what we did every time we played but the jokes and conversation we had was nothing short of hilarious.

GTA Online

I played a lot of GTA Online when it first hit but I didn't really do much of the PvP stuff. In the open world, I sort of just drove around on a motorcycle while my friends followed and we bought clothes. It was really weird. But one of the most exciting times I had playing this game was all the driving. I love driving in games where driving isn't the main game mechanic. I have a special skill and it's driving in GTA V. How this translates to the real world, I'll never know. But making friends online through racing, winning or losing, was something that I won't ever forget.

The Last of Us

I wasn't entirely sold on The Last of Us multiplayer component until I tried it out for myself. Even though I mainly played their equivalent of a Team Deathmatch mode, I still remember how everything felt much more intense than other multiplayer games. Sneaking around and moving slowly had to be one of my favorite parts of this game and the crafting mechanic in the main game worked in the multiplayer portion added a sense of urgency to everything I did. It felt good playing a multiplayer game where ammo and shot selection mattered. I'll probably return to it once I get the game again on my PS4.