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17: What was your first impression of each member?
My first impression of N: Well.. He was my bias when I first discovered VIXX (Yes I know, it wasn't always Leo..) When I first saw him I actually thought he was kinda weird but totally adorable and that's why he was my first VIXX bias.
My first impression of Hongbin: Oh my god.. One look at this man and I knew I found my bias wrecker, his dimples, his smile, his VOIIICCCEEEEEE. I remember wondering who the cutie pie was in alllll the MV's (YES OKAY THEY ARE ALL CUTIE PIES BUT AT THE TIME I DIDN'T REALIZE THAT)
My first impression of Hyuk: I saw him as just the adorable baby okay, he was just a baby and now he's a man good god leave me alone don't touch me I'm emotional
My first impression of Ken: I will be totally honest, I only knew which one Ken was every time because of his nose. His nose helped me recognize him and now he's just my dorky little Kenjumma
My first impression of Ravi: Totally cool and has a really weird voice. Don't get me wrong, I loved his voice and still do, I just thought it sounded really weird but so unique and I loved it. He also looked like a frickin boss okay. Although some outfits were questionable
My first impression of Leo: Pissed off baby. He always looked so done BUT HIS CHEEKS STOLE MY HEART AND THEN I SAW HIM SMILE AND I WAS LIKE JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL THIS MAN IS RUINING ME. Now this is how I picture my bias list okay. Picture a mountain, an overly adorable mountain. Okay? Now picture chibi GD on top of the mountain lookin fab like always, and picture chibi N up next to him, (with every other bias I have okay look at my top 15 bias list or something) but then you see chibi little Leo (in a huge sweater that's an important detail) climbing up the side of this mountain right? When he gets up to GD and N, he grabs N and just tosses him down and takes his place on my chibi bias mountain. N ends up with all my other 2nd biases and bias wreckers... Holding on to branches all around the mountain. Thank you. This has been my bias mountain story.
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