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In this grouping, I'll introduce to you guys one of my crushes. I have a whole lot of them lol I could probably introduce 2-3 a day for weeks and still not go through all of them haha But this person is one of my favorite artists and she just so happens to be nearly flawless. I'll be really surprised if you haven't heard of her, @ButterflyBlu , but I think you'll like her in case you haven't!
Day 21: A song I listen to when I'm happy I think this song is a flex pick and could fit many of the days lol I won't put the name, because it's very obvious by the Video picture thingy lol and if not, the name should be pretty obvious when you listen to it.
Day 22: A song I listen to when I'm sad Here she is: Valerie "Lights" Bokan I'm posting two. The one above Suspension The one below is Peace Sign. I.. am so in love with all of her acoustics. I literally spend days with just her music on repeat. I. love. her. And I plan on seeing her live.
Day 23: A song I want to play at my wedding I chose "Come to me", by Goo Goo Dolls It seems very fitting to me. Just give it a listen. I plan on getting married once and that's it. Everything will be perfect and I know this simply because, through sheer force of will, I will make it as such. I think this captures the mood of serious love pretty well. (It is because of this small paragraph that I will also place this card in L & R. What's a more complete relationship than a marriage? Nothing. Or at least, nothing should be. I despise people who ruin the name of marriage... I'll stop before I start ranting haha)
@ButterflyBlu We should totally do a crush a day challenge so people know what whores we would be if we could be haha
Ahhh, Annndy Samberg! 💜 which leads to my next comment, lol. Don't feel bad about having a lot of crushes. I do too. Lol. (Rob and the bros call them "The Husband List". -_- smh) They're just a very unexpected group of men. Lol. Of course I know Lights!!! I love her and her music! She's so cool and comfortable with herself and her music. LOOVE her! Can I go see her live too?! Great Goo Goo Dolls selection, yo. I actually had Iris in my wedding to Joe. He/I was/am a huge fan. 💜 I love that video. So sweet. AND I agree with what you said about marriage. We should discuss that elsewhere. It's one of the reasons I'm so, eh...frustrated? Elsewhere elsewhere. Later. Lol. xoxo Wonderful choices, as always!
Seriously though, that would be so fun!
Omg Yesss and like a year later everyone would be like, "SOD OFF ALREADY!" @Arellano1052 hahahaha