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You didn't think you would ever get this chance again, so you just went for it.
"I'm in love with you Kibum." Key just stares at you and it feels like an eternity waiting for a response from him. Key just smiles and all you could do was give a sigh.
"Hey Key, we need to get going or they're gonna leave us." Key's manager said pulling on his arm.
"Be safe, eat and rest well, okay." you forced a smile and wave. Turning around about to walk away you feel Key grab your wrist and he pulls you into a hug and whispers in your ear.
"Wait for me okay, I'll be back before you know it and I have something important to tell you." Key kisses your forehead and smiles one last time before letting you go. He turns and runs off to his plane. As your walking out of the airport your in a daze because of what just happened, you were not paying attention and almost walk straight into on going traffic when all of a sudden someone pulls you out of the way.
You look at the person holding onto you, coming out of your daze and realize what just happened.
"You okay lady?" he asks you nod your head and step out of his hold. "You need to pay more attention to your surroundings, okay?" you nod in agreement.
"Can you speak, are you sure your okay?" he asks with a concerned face.
"I'm sorry, I'm still dazed and confused. Thank you for helping me." you were able to speak and bowed at him. He started to laugh.
"Alright, you can speak, that's good to know, by the way my name is--?", both of you said his name at the same time.
"Kim Taehyung--?" he looks at you with wide eyes.
"You know me?" you nod your head and he laughs again.
"Are you a BTS fan?" he asks giving off a smile and acting cute, again you nod your head.
"Yeah I am a fan of BTS, your music is great, you guys are funny, sexy, and cute." you place your hand on your mouth as soon as you realized what you had just said. Tae just laughs.
"Thanks for loving us." Tae says with a smile, as you just nod and try hailing a taxi.
"Hey can I use your phone for a minute?" Tae asks, you unlock your phone and hand it to him. He nods his head in thanks. You see him putting numbers into his phone and don't think anything of it. Then his phone rings. You give him an odd look.
"There, now we have each others numbers." Tae hands your phone back. You just look at him like "What the hell, why do I want your number?" you thought, you just smile and wave as the taxi has pulled up and your going to be getting in and go home.
"Hey what's your name?" Tae asks before letting you close the door. You just smile at him.
"It's Y/N. c-ya later." and you shut the door to the taxi and tell the driver the address. Tae watches you as you leave. "Y/N, that's a pretty name for a pretty girl." Tae thought as he started to walk to his group's car.
As your riding in the car, you lay your head back and run through with what just happened at the airport. Key kissed your forehead he's never done that before. As far as you knew you guys were friends and nothing more even though you've been in love with him since the first time you met him. You start to have crazy thoughts of what he wants to tell you when he gets back in a couple of months. Maybe he's in love with me to and wants to date? You thought with a smile on your face. You squint your eyes for a moment because out of the blue Tae's face appears and for no reason what's so ever.
You pay the taxi driver tell him thank you and walk to your apartment. When you walk in you see a box and note on your table. You walk over to it and open the note. "Hey Y/N, I know you would be sad and lonely without me so here is a little something to keep you happy." I thought I could wait until I came back to tell you, but I couldn't. Love Key" You smiled from ear to ear and quickly opened the box.
You pulled out a soft black stuffed kitten with gold eyes, you see a sticker that says push me on it's paw. When you pushed the button a message from Key came out. "Hey Y/N, just a little something to cheer you up. He clears his throat and starts singing "I'm with you" it's your favorite song by his group SHINee, you love how his voice sounds when he sings. Tears started to fall and you hugged the kitten. When the song ended Key had a last message. "I'll always be with you Y/N I love you." your smile gets wider and wider and you start to fan girl. "I love you too Kibum."
I've had this in a dream about a year ago, and I keep having it so I thought I would write it out and see what happens. I've always played with writing and I write all my dreams down because I've always remembered them. So yeah, let me know what ya think and what needs to be improved I'll be very grateful.