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We've reached the end everyone! This is the last chapter of this installment of Krystal, Steve and Bucky's crazy adventures! Thank you all so much for reading and enjoying this as much as I have writing it with lovely, @shannonI5.
Epilouge, Part 2 JJ could almost hear the whining of his husband from his mother's front door. He let out a small sigh and got up from his chair, smiling at Bucky. "I'll be right back, dad." JJ's footsteps were easy as walked to the door, opening it for his husband and giving him a kiss to shut him up. He knew that he would hear it later for just disappearing earlier, but that could wait. When they parted lips, JJ smiled. "Alot more has happened while we were gone than we think. Come my heart, there is someone who I'd like you to meet." His tone was soft as he spoke, but Tony knew that smirk all to well. What exactly could have been so important that his husband had just left without so much as a goodbye? Just thinking about it made the genius twitch.
When they walked into the living room, Krystal was animatedly talking to man about the date she'd had with Steve, and how they'd kissed before he brought her home. Her glacial blue eyes were excited, but she turned at seeing her son. He nodded at her, smiling. "Hey sweetness. I was just leaving." she admitted, disappearing with a puff of blue smoke. JJ smiled again, tugging at tony, who had been watching the story on iron man on the nearby television. "Tony, this is James Buchanan Barnes, my father. Dad, this is my husband Tony Stark" Tony held out his hand to Bucky for a shake, eyes almost as wide as JJ's were yesterday. "Its a pleasure to meet you sir" Bucky chuckled, hugging Tony. "Its good to meet you too. You look like your dad." he said simply, smiling again. Yes, now everything was fine in their world, and they would clean up what they could as always. Life was getting better. The End.
Aww, sorry @XavierLopez! I promise, there's a prequel coming from me, and a sequal too! ^^
@arnelli yes you are!
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