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2015s Having It All from Ohio band Annabel is one of those records I wish I found out about when it first came out. It's a pop-punk emo record that falls into that weird middle ground where you're unsure if lyrics are about the lead singer himself or another person. It's a record about growth, expectations, and dealing with life.
The one track that exemplifies this on the record, for me anyway, is the title track, Having it All. It really rings true with me because I am constantly finding myself in places where I don't feel like I've achieved the goals I set for myself as a younger person. And there are moments where I feel like I'm expecting too much out of life and what it can mean for me. This song reminds me that I need to settle down a second, take a deep breath, and keep moving forward. I don't need it all to be happy. I just need what I think is necessary.

Notable Lyrics:

It might not be what I want but it's more than what I've earned. Getting compliments and rewards just for trying. Maybe my standards are high for what I get out of life. I guess I should keep more of an open mind. I don't want to die without reaching certain goals and becoming more well-rounded. Nothing unreasonable. But it never was about us having it all.
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