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Started by @JamiMilsap - the game is simple: 1. Create a card about any drama you want - hopefully not too obscure though 2. Give any combination of hints using photos, gifs, OSTs, parodies, or descriptions 3. Whoever guesses the answer first gets to create the next card! And of course, Tag All Your Friends!!!
1.Fake marriage and lies.
2. Good looking men are everywhere!
3. The main lead has OCD and he's rich! These are all the hints I can give because if I tell who the female lead is, it would be too easy. Therefore, I hope I didn't make it too easy or too hard.

What drama do you think this is? GOOD LUCK!

Isn't it Lie to me. 🤔 Or something like that.
lie to me!!! that's the drama that got me into dramas!!!
oh wow! Another classic I haven't seen! What is wrong with me??
Dang it! 😅 I don't know which one to do. There are so many good ones.
@Yongsongmi Yes it's "Lie to Me", since you guessed it first and got it right. You get to make the next card!
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