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I spent the last couple of weeks listening to Julien Baker's debut album and trying my hardest not to feel every single word she sings. But I've failed. Every one of her songs hits me in a place I thought I've forgotten and it's the best kind of "hurt" I've ever felt.
One song in particular that gets me every time I listen to it is Something. It captures this feeling of missing your chance to tell someone how you feel about them. And I think one of the more interesting things about this song is that it can totally be taken as a romantic, lost lover song as well as a song where you just wish you said something to that friend or that person who meant the world to you but now is gone. I definitely feel like I've had a lot of people like that in my life.
The version I left below is a live-ish version. Just 'cause it resonates with my bones a lot more. It isn't better or worse than the album version, it's just different.

Notable Lyrics:

I just let the silence swallow me up. The ring in my ears tastes like blood. Asking aloud why you're leaving But the pavement won't answer me. And I know I mean nothing, nothing, nothing to you. But I thought I mean something, something, something. But I just said nothing, said nothing, said nothing. Sat and watched you drive away. I just said nothing, said nothing, said nothing. I can't think of anyone, anyone else.
@nicolejb We are well versed in human matters. We have been here for hundreds of years. Thousands, even. This isn't thoughtful advice. It is logic. Human fear is just as strong a motivator as love. And most of humanity, give into fear. Leading them to not do anything or in this case, not reaching out. Do not succumb to fear like most humans.
@nicolejb, I've had plenty of missed connections as well. In my experience, it's always a good idea to reach out to those you've left in the past. There are chances they won't remember you. But there is also a chance that they will. And you'll never know how rekindling a relationship (whether plutonic or romantic) will turn out if you don't try to reach out.
This is beautiful... I've had one or two of those situations. That happens when you move around a lot...
But is human behavior predictable for robots?! I always am fascinating with how people react to things @paulisadroid
That's actually really great advice @paulisadroid. who knew a robot could be so thoughtful? :)