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A well-made video captured many activitisin Korea. It makes me feel that I should be go out more, and experience more of Korea. Well, a must watch video if you are planning to go to Korea, it gives you a general view for your up coming trip.
@hanachoi I did been to some place in this video :) I really glad that you said it is Real KOrea. I want to experience Korea like this guy did. So why did you decide to come to Canada and not live in Korea anymore ??
I was crying ㅠ.ㅠ It contains REAL Korea I think! I'm in Canada now and I've been here for about 4 months and sometimes I really miss Korea. So when I was watching this video, I felt like I was in Korea since it has so many places I miss because I went there often when I was in Korea! Ohhh this is sooo well made Thanks:D
@hyosangKim your english is goood !! it is better than my korean:( . Yah i am reading now a lot about Korean history and culture. I did learn something about it though. Hope that I could explore a bit more.
I am from S.Korean. I don't know English well but I'm learning English. If S.Korean cultures learn, It will know many surprise things. I don't know a little S.Korean cultures yet. Sometime I'm reading a S.Korean history book. If you've taken a chance, I think good that S.Korean cultures learn one time.
I think travelling video is another way for you to travel if you cannot afford for a big trip :P And this is the case. I did do the same like this, watching a lot of photo when I was in Uni
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