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This is so cute and cool!!!!! Give FT some love!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

@Priscillasdoor then don't treat me like a child. @BelleofRay is completely right, so can you stop treating me like I'm stupid?
I can't believe this....ANIME IS SECRETLY DISNEY lol I'm weird
@BelleofRay Actually I did consider the situation as well. not just appearance. resemblance means much more than just appearance. And Jasmine didn't run away she went outside for one day so she could see what its like then returned. But I suppose that sorta matches. I'm not forcing either of you to see things my way. so i ask that you don't do the same. if you see it that's great. I do not.
@Priscillasdoor While I agree, they aren't really that close, what you're actually explaining is that you don't see the resemblance. For instance, Lucy ran away from home to have the freedom to make her own decision and see the world of wizards through her own eyes similar Jasmine ran away to see the world beyond the palace walls and make her own choices as well. Don't look at the resemblance, look at each comparison in dept: compare by personality, situation, and so on. Don't limit yourself in thought, expand a little.
the top three are SPOT ON!!!! lol
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