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Comment if you want to be tagged in part 3!!!!!!!

After having weird thoughts to yourself, You get up to a text, It's from Xiumin!"Hey come over to the dry cleaners?" You sit up immediately and text him back "Alright be there in 20 minutes." You were happy, you had a thing for the cute employee...You get up and get dressed in a white silky dress to be ladylike to impress Xiumin... As you leave your house and walk down the street, you hear someone catcalling you. You turn around and were about to threaten but then you realize it's actually Amber from f(x) and Eric Nam!!! You smile in relief and run to hug them..

"Hey, (Y/N) Where are you heading dressed like that?" Amber said weirdly with a smirk... You push Amber's shoulder softly... Eric asks you the same thing... "Down to meet a cute guy...." Eric and Amber look at each other and ooh at you, winks, kissy faces etc. "Well see you guys later I got to go." You yelled.. "To your little boyfriend!!!" Eric screamed...You ignore him and walk away... You get there and you see Xiumin looking through the window and he sees you and motions to you come in.. He see your nice looking dress..

"You look beautiful today, (Y/N)" Xiumin whispers into your ear softly as he hugs you.You smile and blush in return. "Thank you, Xiumin" He holds your hand and brings you to the back and you see your all clothes all folded and fresh and clean. You give Xiumin a kiss on his soft cheek. He touches his and blushes as he looks at you.

"Hey....umm (Y/N), Do you want to go to on a date with me tonight?....." He pauses because he is frozen by the way you look at him... "Of course I'd love to Xiumin..." "Okay, well I will pick you at 8:00 at your house but I just need your adress, If that's okay!" He says worringly. You smile at him as you give Xiumin your adress... You give it him and he hugs you and gives you a small peck on your neck....

the feels for this story!!!
You won't ruin my bias list Xiumin I won't let you!!!!
eric and amber so cool girl good luck on your date with the cutest guy ever
ahahaha he is a bias just happens. tag for part 3 please
@BetseyBleau of course
Tag me please
I can't believe that he already ruined my bias list 馃槩馃槩馃榾馃榾馃榾 please keep me tag
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