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Playlist Challenge
So... I already did this challenge, but I wanted to go ahead and reveal ALL my themed playlists I already have.
Playlist 1: Favorite OST Tracks Good Doctor OST: I'm in Love - 2BiC Looks Good - Ha Dong Kyun All The Staff - Dacapo If I Were - Joo Won How Come You Don't Know - Kim Jong Kook Lie to Me OST: You Are My Love - Kim Yeon Woo Pretty Man OST: Saying I Love You - Lee Jang Woo Rooftop Prince OST: Hurt - ALi Faith OST: Carry On - ALi Iris OST: Hallelujah - BigBang Coffee Prince OST: Sad Thing - Adult Child Bachelors Ramyun Shop OST: A Person Like You - Jung Il Woo 49 Days OST: Scarecrow - Jung Il Woo Cart (movie) OST: Scream - D.O. Kyungsoo The Intimate Lovers (Movie) OST: Gravity - HEY Love Rain OST: The Girl and I - S. Jin Love Rain - Jang Geun Suk Personal Taste OST: Off Rain - Kim Tae Woo Scent of A Woman OST: You Are So Beautiful - Kim 'Xiah' Junsu
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story of life !!
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