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BTS Golden Disk Awards Performances
I've seen a few posts of their acceptance speech for their award (YAY!!!), but haven't come across any posts of their performance yet. So....here you go, my fellow ARMYs!!!
(I can't watch/hear 'I Need U' without thinking of V dancing the choreo in heels..)
tagging! as always, if you want to be added to or taken off the tag list, comment below!
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I posted this yesterday, I thought I tagged you?? Either way, the more posts the better so more people have a change to see it because it was amazing :)
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@staceyholley u probly did. i was at work all day yesterday then out with a friend who was in town for the day so I didn't get a chance to get on Vingle or check my notifications.
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I saw the tag this morning and have been waiting all day to get home from work and watch it. Their dancing was on point!!! Thank you for tagging me!
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