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So in Korea, they pre-record certain shows before airing it the next day. I randomly came across Twice's "Like Ooh Ahh" after listening to Day6 (awesome) acoustic cover shared by @JustinaNguyen. I personally don't know much stage recordings. @byeolbit might be more knowledge in this area but all I know is fans get to sit in and watch their group being filmed.

Below is a recording for KBS Open Concert

(to be aired on January 22?)

There's so much going on in this clip especially...

the crazy fan boy chants!!!!!!

If you got to watch your favorite boy/girl group film on set would you scream like this???!!!!
I would totally do this! I did this for block B and had to go to the Dr because my throat got infected from screaming too loud. I literally lost my mind lol. I try to control myself nowadays. 😄
I know what you mean. When I watch day6's covers I can't contain myself. I'm trying to play it cool until my bias pops up with his ever-so-lovely voice and enthusiasm. Fangirl life.