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So mis amigos....I jut had to step into sephora after watching these reviews for about a week on the tartelette "in bloom" pallette. Plus I just had to buy some lip wear.

This is my first impressions on the products

Have you tired these products?

This pallette will be my favorite! I used to swear by urban decay's smokey pallette but I'm feeling this natural/neutral eye look. Now, I've seen tutorials on lighter skin tones, but not on deeper skin tones like myself. So I just did a quick eye look in Sephora before I spent my coins. I can say that I loved it! This pallette is great for all skin tones, plus you have a choice of matte and shimmer colors.
Then I just had to get this... This apply great and smells just like chocolate. I will say since this is a liquid lipstick it did get dry more so in the middle or in between your lips. I did have to add lip balm.
Perfect!!!! I always wanted to try melted. Now I'm sold! Thanks for tagging me :)
Hahaha the drug addict thing is so true! Thank god it's a healthy addiction!! πŸ˜‚ that palette looks gorgeous and SO classy. I'd love to try it out
Ohhh I love the palette and the packaging. It's right up my alley for my daytime colors, too. <3 Thanks, girl!!!
@ButterflyBlu @jordanhamilton welcome mis amigas. @AlloBaber lol ikr?