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I Do...I Definitely Do!! Ms.Mariah is in love ya'll...or done hit da jackpot!
Mariah Carey’s Massive 35-Carat Engagement Ring From Billionaire boyfriend James Packer & reportly the ring is the size of Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé’s engagement rings combined!! #ChaChing
Mariah Carey & James Packer are officially engaged. This is what an engagement ring from a billionaire looks like. Mariah Carey accepted the proposal from Australian businessman James Packer that probably "Got her feeling emotions deeper than she ever dreamed of" The songstress flashed the bling soon after, while walking down the street with the mogul in NYC, but we have an even better look at it. The massive 35-carat ring came from jeweler Wilfredo Rosado, who has been friends with Mariah for 25 years. She was probably accompanied by an army of bodyguards during that street stroll because that is one expensive ring. The ring — featuring two small baguettes next to the massive center stone — was created by Carey’s jeweler friend Wilfredo Rosado, who said he “took the standards super high” when creating the piece that “could not be measured up to.” It took an “army of craftsman,” including an expert who is used to working with that large of a diamond, and the job was completed in two weeks with the team working 12-hour days. There is a small empty space on the back of the ring where Packer plans to engrave a sentiment. “I really wanted to create something for her that was about new beginnings,” Rosado told the mag. “But it is epic. It’s an epic ring for an epic time in her life.” According to TMZ, the engagement took place on Thursday when Packer — who has been married twice and is the father of three children — secretly rounded up some of her closest friends for a dinner at Eleven Madison Park, which is known for its over the top flares, including one dish emerging from a dome of smoke. It was there that he popped the question. Mariah, who is mom to twins Monroe and Moroccan from her second marriage to Nick Cannon, started dating Packer last spring. #ApparentlyLoveIsInTheAir
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@nicolejb right? A dancer needs that range of motion!!! Suddenly that chunk slams into the plate glass and I'm paying to repair my studio. Or giving another dancer a black eye... Yikes. @InspirationalMe sigh. I'm just going to keep saying it....
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Hahahaha Totally @ButterflyBlu. I was thinking more on the lines of every day life, but yes I'm happy I'm not a dancer with a chunky ring :P
2 years ago·Reply
Lol...i'll say it 4 u ButterflyBlu...maybe they should finalize those previous divorces b 4 getting definitely would be classier!
2 years ago·Reply
@InspirationalMe lmao THANK YOU!!! :D @nicolejb hahaha! I can give my partner a black eye without a rock on. Can you imagine??? But yeah, every day life, too. Lol 😂 Maybe we're just clumsy? @marshalledgar said he'd handle that ish JUST FINE. 😍
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I feel like he could rock that rock!! @ButterflyBlu XD
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